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Chain Link Mesh, Pipe Posts & Rails

For both residential fencing and commercial applications, Fenceline Products offers chain link fence fittings, along with custom chain link gates built-to-order. Our chain link mesh fencing is also available with galvanized pipe posts and top rails, or black powder-coated pipe posts and rails.

Most pipe is sold by the foot or full-length:

  • Galvanized pipe – 1 3/8" OD up to 6 5/8" OD

  • Black powder-coated pipe – 1 3/8" OD up to 2 7/8" OD

The Anatomy of a Chain Link Fence

Tension Band

Tension band –to hold the tension bar in the chain link to the post

Brace Band

Brace band –to hold the rail end to the post for the top rail

Rail End

Rail end –to hold the end of the pipe to the post with the brace band

Eye Top

Eye top –goes on the line posts for the top rail to go through

Dome top

Dome top –goes on top of the end, corner and gate posts

Barb Arm

Barb arm –for line post, 45-degree or vertical


5/16” x1 1/4”carriage bolt –for tension and brace band

Tie Wire

Aluminum tie wire –to tie the mesh to the post

Tension Bar

Tension bar –goes in the end of the chain link and uses the tension band to hold it to the post

Bring in a sketch and we can work out your material costs.

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